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Today's parent is surrounded by things that overwhelm and over-power them when trying to raise a balanced child. With a variety of opinions on what to do and what not to do, many of us try to find that perfect mark where we can be content that we have done the job right. 
This is an easy to follow-along-book, keeping in mind the challenges of this world and the advice and teachings of Islam to raise a child who is happy, balanced and loves Allah. From real life experiences to balancing our Spiritual, Emotional and Physical self, this book will help the Parent who is looking to add that additional holistic touch to their parenting. 
Nargis Naqvi was born in Ireland and raised in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. She got her Business degree from Minnesota where she got married and had her first child. Soon after the family moved to Canada where they live with their three children in Ontario. She still goes back home to Saudi Arabia to visit her family but also considers her second home to be Canada where she pursues oil and acrylic painting, writing and doing social work helping youth and Muslim families. She is the founder of MY Voice Canada magazine run by the youth, for the youth and a co-founder of Turn2Learn that runs Islamic camps using the Arts. After several published articles in books and magazines, she has written her first book for the Muslim parents struggling to raise children in the West.