Stain Organic Aftercare Wrap

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With STAIN Organic's Henna System you can literally apply your paste in the morning, wrap it, then go about your day: you are no longer a "henna prisoner" required to sit in one place for hours and wait.

Henna paste doesn't stain the skin no matter HOW long you leave it on your skin. Henna paste requires moisture in order to enable transfer of Lawson molecules (henna's natural dye) to the human skin, yet too much wetness can smudge a design!

Made from a patented polymer foam he stain organic aftercare wrap literally lifts sweat from the skin by design: the pores in the highly elastic and versatile wrap are designed to be approximately the size of a bead of sweat.

The wrap therefore lifts beads of sweat from the skin ad diffuses them upwards through its network of pores and onto the surface of the wrap, leaving your henna beautifully bright and dark.

Stain Organic Aftercare Wrap