Salah Matching Game

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The Salah Matching Game is used for recognizing name and position of Salah for ages 5+. It includes a deck of 40 playing cards (2.25x3.5") and special rule sheet with instructions on how to play and learn. Choose 1 of the 4 ways to play the game. Place cards picture side down. Flip over the cards, find matches and collect the most pairs to win.

Kid Tested, Mother Approved! Make your match, learn the names of Salah, and win the game! Grab a friend and get ready to play!

The Salah Matching Game is all about being the first player with the most pairs of cards to win the game. It seems simple to play but requires sharp visual-memory skills. Put your memory to the test to find an identical playing card and master the names and positions of Salah along the way! Need a challenge? The four ways to play the game will keep you mentally on your toes, and the cute characters will keep you smiling!

How To Play

Choose one of the 4 ways to play the game. The youngest player goes first. Shuffle the cards, place the cards picture side down. Each player takes a turn to flip a pair of cards. If the cards match, the player wins two points. If the cards do not match, place pairs of cards picture-side down.

During game play, each player will flip a pair of cards. The player will vocally say out load the name and position of Salah. Not only will the player build important sight-word recognition in Arabic and English, but provide detailed visual images of Salah while improving your memory!

The game can be varied and made more challenging by combining one of the three colors of the game cards such that children of varying ages can be appropriately challenged during play. The simplest version of the game is played with only blue cards. More advanced game play can be determined by combining blue and green, blue and red, green and red.

Salah Matching Game