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The Penwak Swivel Case Kit comes in a presentable box. This kit comes with a single Penwak Swivel Case (of colour selected), TWO Penwak Miswak Tooth-sticks, a Penwak Miswak cutter, a Penwak velvet carry pouch (available in green or pink print), an antibacterial sponge, and a user manual all packaged in a contemporary box ideal for self or as a gift.

If it is the first time you are purchasing the Penwak Swivel Case, we highly recommend you buy this Penwak Swivel Case Kit. Dont forget to select your favourite colour for the swivel case. The Penwak Swivel Case is available in three eye-catching finishes: Pure White, Glossy Grey, and Matte Black. Choose any one or all three and you are sure to be impressed!