Organic Rajasthani Amla Powder for Hair

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Organic Amla Powder is one of the most incredible plants that I have discovered in my travels along the road towards natural living. Cultivated in the Rajasthan region of India, the amla plant or the Indian gooseberry plant grows an anti-oxidant packed fruit which is dried and ground into a powder and applied to the hair for a multitude of benefits

Amla can be applied to the hair as a paste or added to henna to lessen henna's natural red tones bringing out the browns. Amla powder has been studied Indian pharmacological journals affirm the plant's fruit to possess numerous important benefits for hair. Among them:

  1. Thickening and Deep-Conditioning: treating your hair with amla paste mixed with raw coconut oil, hair has thickening and strengthening effect, hair becomes smoother shinier and full of lustre and volume;
  2. Colour Enrichment: amla powder made into a paste with raw coconut oil is reported to have an enriching effect on the pigmentation of hair and to prevent greying;
  3. Hair Colouring: Adding amla powder to a paste made from henna and indigo significantly reduces the natural red tones of henna and brings out the natural brown and black tones of the indigo leaf powder.

Amla powder is an amazing detoxifying herb for your hair and can be used regularly as part of a natural healthy hair regimen.

Organic Rajasthani Amla Powder for Hair