Niswa Fashion Black Trimmed Cardigan - Pink Floral

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The material of this cardigan is so light and flowy that it's a perfect addition for your spring wardrobe! Designed with a cute added black trim along with 3 rhinestones nicely placed down the top for a choice to be worn buttoned or left alone. 

Material: Chiffon/Polyester

Size Chart: 

Person Height [ft] Person Height [cm] Abaya Size
4.8 146 50
5.0 153 52
5.2 158 54
5.4 164 56
5.6 167 58
5.8 173 60


Our sizing for these cardigans are determined by one's height. 

Please note: These cardigans are made in standard sizes. The longer the cardigan the wider it's width. Therefore, this sizing system will require some alteration for people that are tall and slim or short and US size 14+. 

Niswa Fashion Black Trimmed Cardigan - Pink Floral