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My First Book of Dua is a delightful book for children which they may call their very own! Written with young hearts in mind, this short, easy-to-read book for 7 year-olds and above, is the perfect way to introduce children to the prayers from the Quran and the Hadith. My First Book of Dua helps children to learn to remember and thank Allah in a way that is meaningful and charming. This is a bright and appealing collection designed to be used at home, or at school. May this collection of prayers bring you wisdom and many blessings.
This first of its kind, comprehensive encyclopedia of duas for children features the Arabic text and English translation and is organized as follows:
- duas for wudu and salat
- duas for greetings and well-wishing
- duas for journey
- duas for sawm
- duas for hajj and umrah
- duas at the time of difficulty
- duas for special occasions
- duas of other Prophets in the Qur'an
- duas of the Prophet Muhammad (sas)
- other duas from the Qur'an
- daily duas
- dua for salat e janazah