Little Maysoor - Little Zakariyah Plush Doll

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MEET ZAKARIYYAH: Every boy needs a best friend - and this big, cuddly plush toy is perfect for young Muslim boys who want a doll who shares their identity. Zakariyyah is every little Muslim boy's dream come true - with his cute fringed hair and adorable smile, he’s ready to prove to the world that being Muslim doesn’t mean you can’t be loads of fun.

MODESTY MADE ADORABLE: Zakariyyah helps show little boys that it’s possible to dress modestly and still be as cute as a button. This doll is dressed in a lovely blue thobe and cute green sneakers. He’s designed not just to bring smiles to boys’ faces, but also to teach them to be proud of being Muslim, and of being who they are. Go Zacky!

ENDLESS HUGS: Who can resist cuddling with a doll as soft and huggable as this one? Zakariyyah is sure to help calm fussy sleepers, make bedtime more fun, and add a spark of imagination to playtime.

LET HIS IMAGINATION RUN WILD: The right doll can help little boys dream bigger than ever before. Through playtime with Zakariyyah, young Muslims can explore their faith, identity, and culture - all in one plush package. Makes the perfect gift for Eid, or for any other occasion.

Little Maysoor - Little Zakariyah Plush Doll