Giant Journey Islamic Puzzle

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  • It’s an all-in-one story image which sticks in your child’s mind as it is visually engaging which helps them remember the Prophets in a fun way.

  • Each Prophet has an image relating to a highlight from their story so your child builds an immediate mental association for better long-term memory. 

  • There is a pathway which helps your child learn the order in which the Prophets were sent. 
  • There are subtle details in the images which reveal hidden relationships between the Prophets for the more advanced children

  • The names tags of the Prophets are interchangeable so you can assess your child by asking them to put the name of the Prophet next to the correct image. 

  • The names of the Prophet also come in Arabic. This allows your child to become familiar with how the names of the Prophets are shown in the Noble Quran.

  • The Giant Journey is a large floor puzzle with 30 pieces ensuring that it is just the right level of difficultly for a child to complete. It is also easy to handle and the pieces are not small assuring that the pieces will not get lost.

    Giant Journey Islamic Puzzle