Canvita Halal Kids Gummy Bear Multivitamins

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Suitable for children as well as adults, our gummy bear multivitamins are not only easy to consume but also can help with maintaining your skin, eyesight and immunity among many other benefits. Get your multivitamins from Canvita Canada.

Recommended Dose

Adults: 2 Block(s) 2 time(s) per day

Children: 6 years and above: 2 Block(s) 2 time(s) per day

Recommended Use or Purpose


    • Helps the body to metabolize carbohydrates, fats and proteins

    • Helps to form red blood cells

    • Helps in tissue formation

    • Helps to maintain eyesight, skin, membranes and immune function

    • Helps in the development and maintenance of night vision

    • Helps in the development and maintenance of bones, cartilage, teeth and gums

    • Helps in connective tissue formation

    • Helps in wound healing

    • Helps in the absorption and use of calcium and phosphorus

  • Helps as an antioxidant for the maintenance of good health

List of Non-Medicinal Ingredients


    • Apple juice concentrate

    • Aqua

    • Beeswax

    • Beta-carotene

    • Black radish juice

    • Carnauba wax

    • Cherry flavour

    • Citric acid

    • Curcumin

    • DL-Malic acid

    • Fractionated coconut oil

    • Fruit punch flavour

    • Gelatin

    • Glucose syrup

    • Lactic acid

    • Lemon flavour

    • Lycopene

    • Modified food starch

    • Orange flavour

    • Pectin

    • Purple carrot juice

    • Sodium citrate

    • Sorbitol

    • Strawberry flavour

    • Sugar

    • Vegetable oil

  • White grape flavor

Medicinal Ingredients (Per Tablet)

Biotin 23 Micrograms
Choline 5 Micrograms
Folic acid 100 Micrograms
Inositol 5 Micrograms
Iodine 15 Micrograms
Vitamin A 225 Micrograms
Vitamin B12 1.5 Micrograms
Vitamin B6 0.25 Milligrams
Vitamin C 7.5 Milligrams
Vitamin D3 1.25 Micrograms
Vitamin E 5 Milligrams
Vitamin B5 1.25 Micrograms

Canvita Halal Kids Gummy Bear Multivitamins