A Different Drum [Dawud Wharnsby] (CD)

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Layers of Rhythm, combined with spiritual lyrics mark a new phase in Dawud's artistry. Re-interpreting some old favourites, as well as some brand new material, a Different Drum is great for young and old alike. 

On a Different Drum, Dawud teams up with the Fletcher Valve Drummers. Using all sorts of percussive instruments, the Fletcher Valve Drummers add a whole new dimension to Dawud's already complex, yet straightforward style.

A must buy for any fan of Dawud Wharnsby, or the Fletcher Valve Drummers, or for those who have any interest in modern Islamic Music.

Tracks:1. Kaartjes A.U.B.
2. Rhythm of Surrender
3. Love Strong
4. From Here to There
5. The Letter
6. Let Me Be
7.The Veil
8. KW Shuffle
9. Sing, Children of the World
10. Prophet for Profit
11. Dansez, les Enfants du Monde!


A Different Drum [Dawud Wharnsby] (CD)