Modah Founders - Sameer and Nafiza


Welcome to Modah - Your Islamic lifestyle Store!

An avant-garde vision of creative entrepreneur duo Sameer Aziz and Nafiza Ispahani Aziz, Modah opened its doors in 2014 and has since continued to evolve as a leader in curating the highest quality products to meet the lifestyle needs of Muslims in North America.

We offer unique, locally and internationally sourced products developed by independent brands that serve Muslim lifestyle consumers and align with consumer values and aesthetics.

Our vision is to offer new and emerging Muslim retailers and manufacturers the flexibility to grow their business. We understand that today’s consumer is well informed and with our dedication to brand consistency and customer advocacy we are making sure our vendors have access to a distribution channel that brings their dream to a wide, loyal and engaged customer base.

 As stalwarts of Islamic Lifestyle we appreciate the needs of the community advance beyond commodities. With our regular knowledge workshops, family and fitness programs, elegant café and open space, Modah aspires to cater to an empowered community. Serving everything from beautiful expressions of Islamic art and modest fashion, a growing Islamic book shelf and children’s products to halal confectionery, fragrances and unique natural self care, Modah is changing lives for consumers and businesses alike.