1.  Customers must have a spend of >$100 (before discounts, online or in-store) during the month of Ramadan 

2.  Customers must provide their first name, last name, email address and phone number for contact

3.  All prizes must be picked up in-store.  Online customers can opt to have the prize shipped at Modah's standard flat-rate costs, as posted on modah.ca.

4.  Customers must consent to his or her photo and the prize upon pickup, which will be shared on Modah's social media / email campaigns.

5.  Prizes are not cash refundable, transferable, returnable or used for any exchanges.

6.  If a customer chooses not to claim the prize, the prize will be entered back into a pool for the next giveaway.

Any questions about the Ramadan giveaway can be directed to hello@modah.ca.