Bilad Al Shams

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We bring you another amazing project designed by Zohayma Montaner, 13 time international award winning artist who has become one of the most eminent names in the scope of Islamic art and calligraphy.

This beautiful colouring book has been designed for the benefit of the victims in the Syrian and Palestinian conflict as 100% of the proceeds from this book will be donated to charity. In shā Allāh!

Bilad Al Sham contains 50 ready to be framed (detachable) pages for you to colour! It includes a brief history of Bilad Al Sham, some great personalities through the conquest of Al Sham within Islamic history, great reminders of the excellence of charity, and a variety of ahadith and verses from the Qur'ān. It is also filled with Islamic patterns and Arabic calligraphy! The book aims to increase the awareness of how great a region Bilad Al Shams is, and how rich its history is before the terror and horror succumbed it.

Bilad Al Shams