Alhamdulillah for Series - A Muslim’s mini Gratitude Journal

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An everyday gratitude journal!

As students of Islamic Psychology, we also understand how important keeping a journal is! How important it is to write – to keep a track of your emotional health (which is as important as your physical health).
But since keeping detailed journals might sound intimidating to some people, we tried to keep your writing part as minimal as possible. Just ONE Alhamdulillah a day. For ONE whole month. A month of helping you develop an attitude of gratitude by taking one baby step at a time in shaa Allah. Because an Alhamdulillah a day keeps the scarcity away.

We tried to keep the size of the book handy, so you can fit it in your bag and it’s easier for you to carry it around because of its light weight. Basically, to make it easier for you to write in shaa Allah. And also to let your child fill the book with you as well. Since it’s full of handmade watercolor illustrations, it will appeal kids and help them learn and focus on gratitude and positivity too in shaa Allaah. #raisinggratefulids <3

Alhamdulillah for Series - A Muslim’s mini Gratitude Journal