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The Best Tool to Read & Learn Holy Quran.
  1. This Pen can read any Verse,Surah & Page of the given Holy Quran Book
  2. By just touching the Pen pointer at any Verse,Surah title & Page number.
  3. The Holy Quran Book is printed with authentic & beautiful Othmani Text.
  4. Choose among the most famous Quran Voice recitations.
  5. Prominent Translation voices synchronized with Holy Quran recitations.
  6. Repeat any Verse,Surah or Page just by pressing the Repeat button.
  7. Built in speaker,USB port,Earphone Jack and TF Card jacket.
  8. Download and replay MP3 files with the help of USB cable.
  9. Important Note:This Pen can read only the accompanied Holy Quran Book.
  10. Quran Voices: Al-Sudais /Al-Afasy/Al-Ajmy/Al-Ghamidi/Mahir Alqeeli /Al-Minshavi /Abdul Basit/Al-Hussary/Al-Hudaify/Muhammad Ayub /Abdullah Basfer/Abubakar Shatree/Ar-refai/M-Jabreel/Al-Akder /Daghistani
  11. Translations Voices: Thai/Tafseer Jalalain (Complete Arabic)/Qaida e  Norania/ English/ Urdu/ French/ Turkish/Farsi/Erab ul Quran/Uzbek/Russian/Chinese/Malay/German/Spanish/Kurdish/Yogur/Darri/Pashtoo/Qazik  more more almost 35 languages
Package Accessories:
  • The Holy Quran Book (Verified from Islamic Affaires Department)
  • Small four Books Including Norania for children, Sahi Bukhari, Sahi Muslim, and Taking Dictionary
  • Sura Index Card
  • Charger
  • Earphone
  • User Manual
  • USB cable
  • Pen with High Quality of Battery and Speaker, with Bar Code Reader