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Do you ever have trouble explaining terms like Jannah or tahaara to your kids?
In this captivating episode, Adam and Aneesah are introduced to the beautiful Islamic manners in a novel way: Each concept is attached to an Arabic alphabet. This approach will help your children learn and remember both the Arabic alphabet and a good manner while having fun!
As Adam and Aneesah interact with their favorite Khala, as well as three new characters introduced in this episode, they learn about table manners, practice tahaara (cleanliness) as they get ready for jumua prayers, hear thikr, and discover the meaning of Jannah. Aneesah goes on an amusing "feeding spree" as she hears about the importance of sharing food with others. The episode concludes with a touching story by Khala on caring for animals, based on a hadeeth of Prophet Muhammad (s).
Children will also learn four Arabic letters: baa for "bismillah", jeem for "jumua", taa for "tahaarah", and thaal for thikr.